Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Article] Equitable Learning for All

"Education is both a right and the bedrock of development. The dividends that result from investments in education are immeasurable: greater economic growth for individuals and societies; improved public health; and safer, more stable communities. However, for these benefits to accrue, all girls and boys must have education opportunities both in and outside of school and be learning.

Over the past fifteen years, thanks in large part to the second Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of universal primary education, major advances have been made in enrolling millions of children worldwide.1 However, despite significant progress in getting more girls and boys into school, those gains have been uneven, and learning levels remain unacceptably low. Too often children leave both primary and secondary levels without acquiring the basic knowledge, skills, and competencies they need to lead productive, healthy lives and to attain sustainable livelihoods. In addition, economic, gender and ethnic disparities, and factors such as conflict and disability, still prevent millions of girls and boys from even attending school."

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