Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Activity 24] Sponsoring 9th grade education of Keerthikaa

We are glad to let everybody know that we are sponsoring 3rd term education of Keerthikaa. Keerthikaa is a 9th grade student studying in Vijaya Vidhyalaya school in Coimbatore, India. Keerthikaa is a brilliant student and one of the toppers in the class. 

Details of Keerthikaa
  • Class:9
  • Academic Year: 2012-2013
  • Current performance: 92%
  • Total Fees: Rs. 8700 (approx - $160) - (Paid)

Based on her academic performance, we have also given Keerthikaa a verbal commitment to sponsor her 10th grade education. We are glad to help continue her education and will continue to be in touch with her. Please feel free to reach out to computer.kindness@gmail.com for more details. Thanks for your continuous support.

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Education sponsored by: Deepan Sivaraj and Josh Kirk
CKF contact for this activity: Sowmiya D (Contact details available in the "About Us" page of www.computerkindness.org)

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