Friday, April 6, 2012

[Announcement] Introducing CKF Mentorship Program

I am delighted to let you all know that we are introducing CKF Mentorship Program.
What is it?
The mentorship program is a result of need for connecting with people and offering our time and knowledge. This need for guidance and help is very high to the students we are helping. We asked ourselves if financial assistance alone is sufficient to make things work and the answer is NO. I have personally been involved with each of the student we help and recently I have started doing more of that and realized that I/ we can really be of help in many areas to the students just by spending 15-20 minutes over a phone on a monthly basis. Apart from the financial assistance, its also the time we spend with the students that helps them grow into better individuals.
We do not want to be thought of as a bank, but of people with heart and soul.
A short incident here. Recently a girl reached out to us for help to pay her fees (Rs. 800). Since the fees had to be paid urgently, I paid it out of my pocket. For internal purposes, we maintain copies of all fees receipts and when I got the fees receipt, it was clearly been played around with. The original fees was only around Rs. 400, but the student tried cheating us. My first reaction was anger. Then pity. What this tells us is that, the society has pushed people to cheat in ways that are very disturbing. I felt let down, but started looking for solutions. Connecting with them better and sharing your intentions, learnings, environment as a mentor will help them grow into better individuals. I wanted to do more of what I was doing already - like spending more time mentoring in a structured way. 
Again, we do not want to be thought of as a bank, but of individuals with heart and soul.
After long serious discussions with the team, feedback from friends and members, we decided to create a program around this with focused participation and help from the members.
How does the mentorship program works?
Wait to hear for more updates from CKF. Please reach out to me or the team (, if you have any feedback/ suggestions.

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