Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Announcement] Change in Bank Account Details

Our bank account details have changed. In continuation with our effort towards helping more students, remain legal and get all the benefits of being a Non-Profit Organization, we have opened a new account in compliance with Indian Government Rules and regulations that binds Trusts and Societies like CKF.
Please find the new account details here - Account Details - Please reach out to the Treasurer if you have any questions. Also, please ensure you drop an email to the treasurer if you make any donations towards CKF.
Note: We request all the volunteers of different activities to use the new account details for all future deposits/ transactions.
Thanks for the continuous support. Please mail to for more details.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Activity 14] Sponsoring Class XI and XII of Swarna Sri, a class X topper in AP, India

As a continuation of our efforts to assist students continue their education, we are sponsoring the school (Class XI and XII) education of Swarna Sri, a class X topper in AP, India. Swarna Sri scored 591/600 marks and stood state third in Class X AP state board examinations. She is an IIT aspirant and is studying first year Intermediate at a private institution in Vijayawada. The total fee per year is around 1.2L. The institution gave a partial fee waiver based on her merit, and she needs to pay around 40K for each of two years (Class XI and XII).

Please check the article here on class X state toppers (Swarna is listed as #4):

Her family managed to pay 20K and another 20K coming from friends and volunteers. We are glad to be able to help Swarna by contributing 7K for class XI and another 7K for class XII.

  • Class XI (2011): 7,000 (Paid)
  • Class XII (2012): 7,000 (Paid)

This sponsorship is a commitment of Rs.14,000 over the next 2 years. We are glad to help continue her education. Please feel free to reach out to for more details. Thanks for your continuous support.
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Education sponsored by:
Akash Kaul (10K)
Sanket Unhale (4K)

CKF contact for this activity:
Venkatesh Varalu (Contact details available in the "About Us" page of