Saturday, November 10, 2007

Syllabus to Students

We at ( are in the process of designing the syllabus for the students in schools that we are going to help.

As you know already, we will be concentrating only on the student community (also planning to expand for disabled children in future) and will be concentrating on the basics of computers and computer science and also some basic software packages.

So, it would be great if you can help us in designing the syllabus. All feedback, suggestions, comments are welcome. Please forward it through

Some points here:
* Platform is going to be Linux ( mostly -- to avoid copyright and legal issues.

* Basic introduction about computers + related things.

* Software Packages includes -- Open office, Editors, Compilers, Internet basics, Softwares that can be used for their academics etc.

Please input your suggestion and help us in creating a syllabus. It would also be great if someone can take interest on this, design a full syllabus and be an advisor on this regard.

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